Tenerife Experience Hostel

Private double room

In our hostel we have a private double room with a double bed. Enjoy privacy as well as the atmosphere of the hostel.


Private double bedroom


Our double room has a double bed, in the style of the most traditional hotels. It is perfect for couples. You can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our hostel and all the communal areas and, at the same time, have all the privacy you like while you discover the magic of the island.



Garachico is a coastal town in the north of Tenerife and is probably the most beautiful on the whole island as it preserves the typical architecture of the Canary Islands and has an old town with a rich cultural heritage from the 16th and 17th centuries. Along the coast there are many natural lakes that reflect the green and turquoise colours of the Atlantic Ocean and are perfect for a relaxing dip.